Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Long Lost Readers!

Hello strangers! For those of you who are still seeing my posts, I'm still alive! I actually still blog all the time but I have taken a long break from working since being pregnant and having two babies . I stay at home with them and Sawyer is on doctors orders to not be in daycare or nursery settings, therefore I'm having a hard time finding time fitting in work. I still am dabbling in all of it though. 
I have decided to keep this blog for when I start back up but for now I am posting parties on my other blog. I would love for you to come follow me over there. I post about design, parties, my faith, parenting, crafting and I post about our little family. It's a little bit of everything:)  

Today I have party featured that is to die for! My friend Whitney did an amazing job nailing every detail to this gorgeous first birthday party. Head over HERE to check out the cuteness. 

Thanks for sticking with me if you are reading this! I miss the party girls and can't wait to start working again. Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Fling Baby Shower

This is one of those showers that I was actually not in charge of. I put last minute details into the party and focused on the flowers and with the help of 3 of my best friends, we managed to pull off a pretty spring baby shower for our good friends, Leah and Jonathan. They are welcoming their first baby girl in July and we were so excited to shower them with fun and gifts. It was such a fun party, so fun that a lot of people stayed until midnight. I was one tired pregnant girl! 
I didn't get a ton of great shots but here is what I got. 

 My mom and I did the flowers. She taught me everything I know, especially how to do flowers.

 Coffee bar

Since this was a couple's shower we did a station where we wanted everyone to write fun tips on how to keep their marriage Sexy after a baby. It was a HIT. I would put some pictures of the cards that the guys did, but it wouldn't be appropriate for this blog. Let's just say that most people had way too much fun with the advice! It was so fun to read them at the end. Leah and Jonathan read them and tried to guess who wrote what. 

The weather was gorgeous so we set up tables outside and the guys did a fire pit after it got dark. Of course the guys stayed outside majority of the night with a big cooler of beer. That's how they do baby showers!

 The beautiful soon to be mama! 
These are the wonderful hostesses and also some of my best friends who I have been friends with since I was in grade school. I love them to death! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Par-TEE Time!!!

The fella above is my PRIDE and JOY! He is the light of our family and my husband and I are changed people because of these past 2 years spent with Sawyer. To be completely honest we have had a tough year. He has had some health scares and recently we have been dealing with new daily and weekly hassles to control and maintain a healthy lifestyle for him. This brave two year old has to go get shots twice a week and it takes up two mornings of his week. He is such a sport and it doesn't dim his light AT ALL. My husband and I are beyond proud of him. Because of everything he has been through this year we insisted that we had a party that centered around his favorite thing... GOLF.. more specifically.. GOLF CART RIDES. "Golf Cart Ride" was one of his first words and he still uses it multiple times a day. We lived on a golf course for a few months this year and this is where he fell in love. 
When we were in the hospital back in January Sawyer had to be airlifted in an airplane to go to another hospital. When he was put on the stretcher he continued to repeat "golf cart ride mama?". Through my tears I kept telling him "yes, Sawyer it's just like a golf cart ride" and the whole time he was tied down on the stretcher (which was about 2-3 hours) he was happy as could be because he insisted it was  golf cart. 
This is why we HAD to have a golf party with golf car rides! 
I had just a couple weeks to plan this party because we have been in the middle of moving and have been in the middle of all this health stuff so I called on some masterminds to help me pull this shindig off. I have never done this before but man, it was so nice! I had no extra time but with the help of other girls in the business and friends it was pulled off. Barely.. 
I had planned on having it outside and we had everything unloaded and had already started working and an hour before the party, the weather had other things in mind. So with the help of some friends and my amazing husband we moved it to our house very last minute. Some of the plans, decorations and activities were nixed but all in all it turned out fine. 

The genius behind most of the decor and paper products is the amazing, Paula with Frog Prince Paperie. She was fabulous to work with and put up with my last minute requests like a champ. I LOVE and ADORE all of her work and her golf printables are some of the cutest out there. THANK YOU Paula!! 

Take a look at the pictures and then read on to see resources for everything! It was a fun party celebrating Sawyer's life and even though it was a stressful event to get ready for I know he had a blast! Thanks to everyone for all the help! 
Obviously this was personalized for our party! But look how cute this invitation is!! 

"Keep Calm and Golf On" was the saying of the day after our plans had to change last minute! I had a few panic attacks and laughingly would repeat this to everyone. This poster came in handy more than I thought! 

Other vendors and resources: 
Sawyer's Golf T-Shirt: My Personalized T Shirt
"Keep Calm and Golf On" Poster: Queen's Spoof
Golf Ball Lollipops: Chocolates by Anita
Argyle Fabric: Lucky Kaeru Fabric
Straws, Aqua spoons and White Parfait Cups: Fort and Field
Golf club Party favors: Wal-Mart
Invitations, Cupcake toppers, Banner, Party favor labels, Signs, Flags, etc.. Frog Prince Paperie (BlogEtsy Shop)
Golf Cupcakes: Rick's Bakery